Who We Are

“This is my happy, happy, happy place.”

Roundup River Ranch offers old-fashioned, pure fun camp experiences for children with serious illnesses and their families. At our beautiful Colorado ranch and through year-round activities, we offer our campers and families the chance to enjoy the most extraordinarily ordinary joys of childhood.

Here, children are not defined by their illness.

Our campers can take a true vacation from being “a patient” and get back to the fun of being a child. Here, the healing power of laughter, friendship and shared experiences offer kids the chance to make new friends, find the courage to try activities they never thought possible, and build confidence. Learn why camp matters >

The incredible combination of exuberant play and incredible medical care.

With full medical, physical and emotional support from healthcare professionals, trained staff and dedicated volunteers, campers and their families have the peace of mind to simply live in the moment and have fun. While we focus on the fun of living life large we also understand the very real needs of our campers. When medical support is needed, it is immediately provided – expertly, with compassion, and with as little disruption as possible to the camper’s activities. We think nothing of venturing out on a canoe to administer a medication at the correct time, rather than make a camper come in from the fun. Read more about our medical facilities >

A priceless experience without a price tag.

Roundup River Ranch is always free of charge for all kids and their families. Our camp is funded through the generosity of the communities we serve and our loyal supporters. We rely on the support of individuals, corporations, foundations, and friends just like you to make this magical place possible.

Colorado residents who contribute to Roundup River Ranch may be eligible to receive up to a 50% state income tax credit through the Colorado Child Care Tax Credit. Zero cost to campers means we always need the support of our community and advocates. Give today >

A commitment to the responsible use of resources.

Roundup River Ranch is very fortunate to receive contributions from hundreds of friends annually. We believe it is our responsibility to use and steward these resources wisely as we focus on providing the best possible experience for children with serious illnesses. Transparency and information sharing is important and our financial statements are available to everyone.

Financials – click here to view our Financial Overview and Statements.


We are also committed to the protection of your privacy as much as we are able, and we have a number of safeguards in place to ensure that you receive the services you intend and that your information is used in a respectful, responsible manner. That’s why we are sharing our Privacy Policy with you here.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you’d like to receive additional information, please contact info@roundupriverranch.org.


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