Admin/Events Volunteers

If you think camp is just one week of fun, you’re missing tons of other opportunities to get involved.

Event and administrative volunteers

We host campers from April to November, but our work continues throughout the year with events, camp activities and behind-the-scenes administrative work. That means there are all kind of ways you can stay involved and volunteer with Roundup River Ranch. We need every one of our diverse, multi-talented, energetic volunteers to keep things running without a hitch.

To volunteer in the Camp office during the off-season, please call 970.524.CAMP(2267).

“What I see is a sense of volunteerism, what I think is the best part of this world. The explosion of camps is extraordinary, but that sense of volunteerism – to hold your hand out to people who are less fortunate than you are – that to me is the real core and spirit of the world, and that I stand back, and admire that greatly. “
– Paul Newman