Camp Tour and Visitor Guidelines

We are very glad you’ll be joining us at camp for a fun-filled day! Here is some helpful information as you prepare for your visit.

Roundup River Ranch Camp Tour and Visitor Guidelines

  • Schedule for Visitors – Camp visits will be conducted while camp is in session. Your visit may include: observation of camp programs, a camp tour, and lunch in Trent’s Cookhouse with our campers, and lots of other camp fun. Visitors are encouraged to arrive ON TIME to ensure a prompt start time. The sooner we are able to begin, the more camp programs visitors can experience!
  • Arrival – Upon arrival at camp, visitors are asked to report to The Depot, the yellow and green medical and administration building. Please follow signs directing visitors to camp office.
  • Accommodations for Visitors – Tours of Roundup River Ranch are walking based. We are happy to make accommodations for visitors with limited mobility as needed. Visitors should notify host in advance to request assistance that might be needed.
  • Camp Contact Information – If you have questions or need to reach Roundup River Ranch staff en route to camp, please call 970.524.2267 to speak our Camp Administrative Assistant Note-there is no cell coverage once you leave the highway.
  • Don’t forget to wear sunscreen – Camp is very sunny and all guests are encouraged to wear sunscreen and a hat.
  • For More Information – Please contact your camp host in advance of tour with any questions or concerns. At camp, visitors are encouraged to direct questions to Roundup River Ranch staff. We look forward to you learning more about camp!


  • Age – Visitors age 15 and up are welcome to visit camp. Children 15 and older, if accompanied by an adult, and free of all viral symptoms (list) are welcome to visit camp. Please discuss any members of your group under the age of 15 with the Development team when scheduling your visit.
  • Apparel – Please dress camp casual! Casual clothing and tennis shoes are recommended, and inappropriate clothing (short shorts, halter tops, etc.) is discouraged. Campers often feel awkward when adults in suits, ties, or other more formal clothing are observing them, and become distracted by a large group of visitors dressed in a fashion dissimilar from peers. We encourage visitors to blend in with their style of dress.
  • Directions to Camp – Roundup River Ranch is located at 8333 Colorado River Road in Gypsum, CO. Directions to camp included in email confirmation.
  • Health Status –For the safety of campers, many of whom have compromised immune systems, all visitors be free of symptoms or not exposed to: fever/sore throat/cold/cough/runny nose/vomiting/diarrhea/chicken pox/measles/mumps/tuberculosis/eye infection/rash or other potentially contagious viral symptoms. Contagious viral symptoms include: fever > 100◦F, cough, sore throat, rash or body aches OR any other signs/symptoms of illness that lead you to believe that you may be sick. No specific vaccinations are required for visitors.
  • Timing – Tours typically occur between 10:45 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. by prior arrangement and accompaniment of Roundup River Ranch staff.
  • Parking/Transportation – Visitors are to park in The Depot parking lot and will be met by Roundup River Ranch staff at the covered area to the west of The Depot or you may enter the Depot to meet with your host. Tours will be on foot unless modifications need to be made.
  • Behavior/Interaction – In order to ensure positive experiences for both campers and visitors:
    • Visitors are encouraged to enjoy the tour camp under the leadership of Roundup River Ranch staff. Visitors are asked to remain with Roundup River Ranch staff throughout visit at camp.
    • Camp is an amazing place, and the impact of the support of the community can be felt throughout camp. While we wish that everyone would have the opportunity to speak directly to campers so they can express their gratitude, our goal is to ensure that our campers’ experiences are not interrupted by visitors. In case they do not have the opportunity to say so themselves, on behalf of all our campers, THANK YOU!
    • Visitors should not ask campers question about their illness, the reason they are at camp, or other questions that might make the camper feel uncomfortable. Above all else, our campers are kids who enjoy having fun with their friends. Please ask questions that would you ask to your own kids, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, etc.
    • Visitors should not share personal information with campers.
    • Visitors are asked to adhere to our two adult policy and not go anywhere on the campus without two adults. This policy is part of our Child Protection Policy to ensure children are safe and not alone with any one adult at any time.
    • Roundup River Ranch staff is responsible for discipline of campers, as all campers are on individual behavior support plans. Visitors should present their concerns to a staff member rather than intervening.
    • Use of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol is prohibited at Roundup River Ranch.
    • Visitors are required to have fun and join in the Roundup River Ranch experience! This includes dancing with our campers after lunch…Bring your dancing shoes and a smile!
  • Identification – Similar to what is required for campers, visitors are required to wear a name tag at all times while at Roundup River Ranch.
  • Emergency Situations – Visitors are asked to follow the direction of Roundup River Ranch staff in the unlikely event of an emergency situation.
  • Cell Phones – There is no cell phone coverage at Roundup River Ranch.
  • Pets – For the safety of our campers, visitors are not permitted to bring pets, including dogs, to camp.
  • Photography/Videography – Photography or videography of campers is not permitted except by prior consent from Roundup River Ranch staff. This is requested out of respect of our campers and their privacy. Roundup River Ranch can provide approved photos to visitors following camp session. Camper names may not be shared outside of Roundup River Ranch premises, and specific identifying information may not be shared via electronic media, including social media.
  • Allergy Awareness – We are a nut-free, peanut-free and fragrance-free camp. Please be aware of these restrictions and help us keep our campers with allergies safe by not bringing/wearing these items on the premises of camp.

Thank you for following these very important guidelines for the safety and well-being of our campers. We look forward to seeing you at camp!