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A Taste of Camp Event Offers Donors a Peek into the Magical Camp Experience

Roundup River Ranch’s Annual “A Taste of Camp” Event on May 16  Offers Donors a Peek into the Magical Camp ... Read more >
April 15, 2024 | In The News

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Meet one of our longtime and AMAZING volunteers, Matt! Matt said his favorite way to Embrace Joy is to live in the moment! "Then you can't miss the beauty, the laughter, the love, the magic that is camp". 💛

Join Matt as a volunteer this summer to Embrace Joy and live in the moment! Apply today at or our link in bio! 🔗
We're thrilled to present our 2023 Impact Report, showcasing Roundup River Ranch's remarkable achievements through our very own "Book of Firsts." 📖 2023 was a year of countless significant milestones and memorable firsts. 🫶

At camp, our campers, counselors, and volunteers can all add their “first-ever” experiences to a special book as a way to celebrate the courage it takes to try something new and celebrate that sense of achievement. 👏 This year we also had TONS of first-ever magical camp moments as well as some big firsts as an organization. All of those “firsts” impacted everyone in ways that will last a lifetime. ❤
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to ALL of you for your dedication in bringing our mission to life. It’s because of your support and commitment that we were able to achieve so many remarkable "firsts" in 2023. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for making it all possible! 🥰 Be the FIRST to read our 2023 Impact Report at or our link in bio! 🔗

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