A Campaign to roundup generosity, lasso resources, and offer more pure camp joy, to more campers, for years to come.


Every life begins with endless possibilities.

Childhood should be about infinite possibilities with every moment bringing something new to discover, learn, or experience. It should be a time of unbridled laughter, new friends, new-found skills, and activities that delight. All of these experiences help form who a child is, how they view the world, and how they see themselves.

The demand for Roundup River Ranch grows every year. Despite the large number of campers, we are still serving a small percentage of the more than 35,000 children in our region with serious illnesses. So many children whose lives could be dramatically changed through our camp are being left out.

Join us and grab your lasso in supporting our campaign goal of $27 million and the extraordinary, life-changing magic of camp.

“I want every kid to keep a little bit of camp inside them all year. Kids need medicine to heal their illnesses, but they need camp to heal their soul.”

– Dr. Lia Gore, Pediatric Oncologist, Board Member and Volunteer

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Your gift is tax deductible. Colorado tax payers may qualify for the Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit.

Achieving our goal will require the financial strength and stability to provide for the current generation of campers and the thousands of future campers who will need the healing, hope, community, and possibilities that come from the magic of Roundup River Ranch.

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Now is the moment to ensure Roundup River Ranch is here for generations to come.

For more information, please contact Cathy Ethington, VP of Strategic Partnerships & Funding, at 414.418.7328 or via email at cathy@roundupriverranch.org.

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