2021 Camp Theme

Wherever you are, whenever you need the magic of camp, Roundup River Ranch will MEET YOU THERE.

This past year, we realized more than ever that the feeling, power, inspiration, even the giggles of camp transcend the physical place of camp. Camp is not an address. It’s something that lives deep in the hearts of our campers and their families and can be rekindled in all kinds of camp-tastic ways wherever campers may be.

Where will you find Roundup River Ranch in 2021?

On your front porch.
Where others on the same journey are.
Right in your house, but a million miles from everything.  
Next to a virtual campfire. 
In a hospital room.
In your living room. 
In a sunny park with your laptop.
Online slurping spaghetti together. 
At an online Camper Reunion.
At the table with games for your family. 
Under the stars in your backyard.

MEET – Just because we aren’t all together, doesn’t mean we can’t MEET new friends, MEET passionate counselors, MEET other kids and families on our same journey, MEET someone who will inspire us or encourage us or simply meet a friend who will give us a good belly laugh for the day.

YOU – Roundup River Ranch is still every bit about creating personal relationships. Getting to know YOU and what makes YOU wonderfully unique. And connecting YOU to others so that each can grow in all kinds of exciting ways.

THERE – This is the magical word for 2021. THERE. THERE might have meant snuggly cabins in the mountains to most of our campers before. But this year – THERE is everywhere. We are there in boxes filled with camp joy on your doorstep and in online fireside chats that bring everyone together. THERE is where our heart is. THERE is still our happy place. THERE is where we are bringing all the social and emotional benefits of camp to kids wherever they may be.




Roundup River Ranch continues to monitor local, state, and national guidelines to determine when we are able to safely bring campers and their families together for in-person camp programs. Roundup River Ranch’s current plan for 2021 is to continue Camp Online and Joy, Delivered programs, year-round, and will communicate any updates or changes to our proposed schedule.

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