2023 Camp Theme

In 2023, we are celebrating the amazing things that happen when we all plug into the power of camp.

Get ready to…SHINE ON

The amazing thing about Roundup River Ranch is how it makes it possible for every camper to SHINE.

Their sense of humor, their creativity, their independent streak, their fearless side – that all shines through here. Whether it’s under the glowing light of stars, the warm light of a campfire, or light-hearted moments of Camp Online or Joy, Delivered, the pure magic of being a kid is never, ever snuffed out.

And when the giggles, friendships, and courage of campers burns bright, you know what else happens? That inner light of each happy camper reflects on those around them. Brightening the hearts and lightening the spirits of fellow campers, volunteers, and family members – helping them to shine as well.

So, this year, as we gather at camp or bring the magic of camp to kids wherever they are, we are celebrating the amazing things that happen when we all plug into the power of camp and SHINE ON!

shine on string lights

Eating spaghetti without your hands? SHINE ON you super slurper!
Trying something new for the very first time? SHINE ON brave camper extraordinaire!
Ready to meet a new friend for life? SHINE ON you good and welcoming person.
Feel like being silly on stage? SHINE ON you multi-talented entertainer.
Want to share your journey with others? SHINE ON you brave and mighty warrior.

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