Roundup the Stars

Roundup River Ranch is hosting a series of three Roundup the Stars fundraisers in the Denver community which are free of charge to all attendees. Each Soiree will have a different theme all with the same purpose to engage new friends of Roundup River Ranch from the Front Range community.

Join us as an Ambassador of Possibility. We're seeking Ambassadors of Possibility for each Soiree. An Ambassador's commitment to this event shows that you share our belief that every child, no matter their illness, deserves the chance to experience the true joys of childhood and enjoy amazing camp experiences. 

Upcoming Roundup the Stars Soiree dates:

October 4, 2017 - Denver, CO - please email if you are interested in attending 

We are currently seeking your help in one of the following areas for each event:

  • Become an Ambassador of Possibility (table host) and invite 8-12 guests to attend one of our events
  • Offer a challenge gift or match to leverage at the event and inspire greater giving. Matching gifts may range in dollar amount and may start at $10,000.
  • Become a Soiree Series Underwriter
  • Underwrite the entire series ($45,000) to ensure every dollar raised goes directly to supporting campers attending camp.
  • Underwrite one Roundup the Stars Soiree.  Underwriting opportunities range from $5,000 - $15,000 per event.

For more information, please contact Shawn Kirschner.