Joy, Delivered: Buy One, Give One

Joy, Delivered is an amazing out-of-the-box camp experience that supports and engages children in fun activities that inspire creativity, compassion, resilience, teamwork, and play.

This engaging box of camp activities and supplies will include at least ten DIY activities including art projects, STEM activities, Get Up & Get Active movement activities and games, kid-friendly recipes, fun jokes, riddles, a songbook, wish stars, solar fairy lights, games, and reflective candle chat questions. The magic and joy of camp will be delivered with all the supplies, instructions, and activities necessary to experience the joy of camp independently.

By utilizing the activities provided within the box, children will demonstrate a positive increase in the following social-emotional areas that build resiliency: connectivity, flexibility, teamwork, and self-care. Roundup River Ranch is committed to continuing to provide activities that bring joy and silliness to your family. We have vetted any outside links and resources we include in the Joy Delivered boxes, and our activities all have hidden gems – they teach your children about kindness, compassion, inquiry, creativity, confidence, and many other nuggets that build strength and resilience.

When you purchase a Joy, Delivered box for a child in your life, not only do you inspire hours of fun and creativity, you also support a child with a serious illness by providing them a Joy, Delivered box through our “Buy One, Give One” program. Together, we can ensure that no child with a serious illness misses out on the important connections to camp this summer.  


Joy, Delivered Buy One Give One

Please direct questions to: Kali Vansteel, Development Assistant or 719.439.0704

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