2024 Volunteer Opportunities

2024 Summer Camp Volunteer Opportunities

Roundup River Ranch would not be the life-changing place it is without our extraordinary volunteers — truly! It takes everyone to make camp magic… from landscaping, dish-washing, to nurses, cabin staff, and day help in Denver.

If you can see yourself thriving in any of these roles while supporting our amazing campers — apply today! Our team is happy to help you find the right place for you through the application process. We can’t wait to see you at camp!

Non-Medical – Volunteer Opportunities

Cabin Counselor: The traditional “camp counselor” role! Provide direct care of campers including looking after their daytime and nighttime needs while living in the cabin alongside campers and a team of peers; accompany and encourage campers through their schedule of activities; actively facilitate friendships between campers; provide behavioral support; PLUS share in laughter, giggles, dancing, singing and s’mores over the campfire! Volunteers in this role have the most interaction with our campers. This position requires long, demanding hours but is a life-changing and rewarding experience. 
Residential Life Assistant: The do-it-all, magic-makers of camp. This position allows you to get a taste of several aspects of camp by supporting cabin life, kitchen services, and more! You’ll provide the daily cleaning necessary to help keep our campers medically safe. Tasks include general cleaning and organization, setting up the cookhouse for meals, and setting water coolers out for the kids. Volunteers in this role can be housed in the Staff Lodge or the Cabins depending on interest and availability. And when the daily tasks are completed, you can hop into programming and join the kiddos in the fun with the power of parallel play!
Day Volunteer: Our behind-the-scenes Superheroes! This position is responsible for duties including assisting campers, volunteers and staff during mealtime, and with clean up after meals; assisting with dining room set up for each meal; assisting with food preparation and serving as needed; washing dishes, glasses, silverware, pots, and pans by hand or machine; keeping dishwasher area clean; straightening counter/clean after each meal; sweeping and mopping kitchen and dining room; taking out trash from kitchen and dining room to dumpster. These hands-on, go-getters are responsible for supporting the Facilities Team with the overall day to day operation of Roundup River Ranch’s campsite, including all aspects of buildings, site, grounds, and infrastructure. Tasks include: Kitchen work with dishes, floor cleaning, cookhouse duties, taking care of small building maintenance, landscaping work, mowing, trimming, weeding plant beds, unique projects based on skillset.

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Medical – Volunteer Opportunities

Cabin Nurse: These Rockstars provide routine and emergent nursing care for campers, and they prepare and administer medications for campers. Cabin nurses provide routine procedures for each camper, including the care of internal and external central lines, dressing changes, G-Tube and other continuous/bolus feeds, urinary catheters, etc. Nurses live in the cabin with campers. When not performing medical duties, our goal is for the medical team to have fun and spend time with the campers!
Physician/Provider: These world-class medical providers leave their lab coats and scrubs behind and swap them for a tutu! Physician/Providers work with the camp team to assure safety and fun. They work with the medical team to provide routine medical care, and provide evaluation and treatment of acute medical conditions to campers, staff and volunteers. This may include dressing changes, central line flushes, g-tube feeds and other treatments, plus various levels of first-aid care to specific disease related complications (fever, neutropenia, wheezing, pain, etc.). When not performing medical duties, our goal is for the medical team to have fun and spend time with the campers!


Check-In Day Medical Volunteer Opportunities

Check-In Day Nurse/Support/CNA: Meet campers and their families as they arrive to camp! Some will be excited, some will be nervous, but all will be happy to see YOU! Tasks include: taking vital signs/weight, performing COVID tests if necessary, helping take administion profile pictures, bringing meds to the cabins. Time requirement is 1-6 check in days throughout the summer from 1:30-7:30PM.
Check-In Day Floater: Support our Medical Team on our busy and exciting camper arrival day! Tasks include: Helping nurses/medical team with check-in (bring check-in supplies, a positive attitude, and maybe some water to each station!) Time requirement is 1-6 check in days throughout the summer from 1:30pm to 7:30pm.
Check-In Day Pharmacist: Help us set up each camper for a week of fun by helping us dispense and count medications for the week! First time volunteering requires orientation but not for subsequent sessions. Time requirement is 1:30pm to 7:30pm.

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Denver – Volunteer Opportunities

Nurse Check-In Denver Day Volunteer: Meet campers as they arrive for the camp busses – this is where the fun starts! Help check-In campers through a review of camper’s health history, medications and supplies needed for camp. A medical background is required for this role. Time 10am-2pm.
  Check-In Volunteers: Nonmedical support during check in day is incredibly important job to kick off the week at camp. You will be helping with paperwork, caring suitcases, playing back pocket games, and just being the first cheerful, campy, face our campers meet! Time 10am-2pm.


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For additional information, please contact the Roundup River Ranch Volunteer Admissions Team at 970.524.CAMP(2267) or email at Volunteer@RoundupRiverRanch.org.

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