Nurse-Led Model at Roundup River Ranch

Roundup River Ranch has recently shifted to a Nurse-Led Model. Nurses play a critical role in running camp, and this shift recognizes this. This model ensures exceptional care for our campers and is in alignment with the SeriousFun Children’s Network.
Nurses provide the majority of care to our campers, with continued support of providers and specialists at each camp session, along with our medical director, Dr. Benjamin Ross! In support of this new model, we have also hired more medical staff on our seasonal team this year. A large part of this shift is the change in the past couple years to have nurses in cabins. Nurses sleep in the cabins; provide regular, daily care to campers; and distribute medications. They are fully integrated and truly become part of the cabin, which builds trust and connection.
They are there to conduct nursing assessments (there are even vital machines in the cabins!) and are able to provide care right then and there, even in the middle of the night. Providers are still always on-call and ready, and nurses are on the ground as the first line of care, always in communication with the providers. 
Another part of this shift is adding nurses to our Medical Advisory Committee (MAC)! By having nurses on the MAC, we not only have a new avenue for camper and volunteer recruitment, but a voice to the day-to-day care at camp as we now have our nurses in the cabins. In alignment with our organizational strategic plan, we are expanding the MAC to have input from all voices within the medical community. We would like to recognize our nurses and Nurse Practitioners that have joined our MAC: Jacquelyn Scarberry, Jenna Edwards, Sarah Linton, JT Thompson, Karen Hill NP, Molly Hemenway NP, Trish Eells NP, & Emily Barr NP! 
Nurses also spend many hours with potential campers and can provide education of nursing skills for our volunteers and staff. Their involvement on the MAC makes us even stronger and helps us continue providing the best experiences for our campers! Our commitment is always to our campers and families and we are here to support or answer questions at any time. Nurses truly make camp possible, and we are so incredibly grateful for them.

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