Volunteer Spotlight – Hanna Ritter

“Camp is as fun for me, as it is for the campers!”

Camp Online has allowed us to reach even more campers, families, AND volunteers. We have welcomed new volunteers that have exclusively participated in our Outreach Programs and former camp volunteers (who traditionally volunteer at camp) who have transitioned to supporting our Camp Online programs. This month we wanted to highlight our extraordinary volunteer, Hanna Ritter, who was introduced to camp in her teens!

“My brother went to different SeriousFun camps when he was young, and I attended several Family Camps. It has always been on my mind that I wanted to work for a SeriousFun camp in some capacity.”

With a summer free during college, Hanna looked for an adventure close to home that allowed her to come back to camp. “I was inspired to volunteer because I am going to medical school this year and it might be one of my last opportunities to volunteer – I wanted to fit it in.”

As a family member of a camper, coming back to camp is a special experience – especially online. “I was surprised by the ways that camp was different, but still has all the same feelings as in-person camp!” She says that the biggest win of Camp Online was seeing how the campers were able to work together collaboratively and help each other with challenges on a virtual format.

No matter the age group Hanna has volunteered with she says, “they are all amazing and have something about them that makes them special and different!”

Being involved with SeriousFun camps throughout her life, Hanna says that volunteering has allowed her to be silly and come out of her shell. “It has also taught me the importance of reaching out to people to include them in experiences of joy.” She encourages other volunteers to do the same, and to enjoy camp dancing as much as she did!

Interested in joining our camp family as a volunteer? Click here to learn more about available volunteer opportunities.

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