Camper Allana’s First Time at Camp!

If there was one camper that was ready to make friends at camp, it was Allana! Allana was on the waitlist for camp in 2020, so she was overjoyed when she was selected to come to camp this summer for her first time. “I didn’t know what to expect since this is my first camp of any kind. There hasn’t been a good camp for me to go to because of all of the help I need. So this is my first time!” Allana said that everyone is so caring and kind at camp. “When I walked up to the cabin the first day, I knew everyone was going to make me feel welcomed.”

Camp was a special week because of the people she met. With a diagnosis of the rare disease Clove Syndrome, meeting people like herself is uncommon. “I have known about people that have amputations but I have never personally known someone. Honestly, it meant a lot for me to meet another amputee. Everyone here has been through really hard times in our lives and we all know how special that is to meet someone who has been through a lot.” Allana says that she would recommend Roundup River Ranch because it is safe, adaptive and caring. “I love how supportive the counselors are. I said I needed something adapted and they made it happen.” Without the use of her right arm, her counselor Ani created a way for Allana to participate in friendship bracelet making, which became a stand out moment for her. With the new ability to make bracelets, she didn’t miss a moment of together time in her cabin. She even wanted to start making bracelets for friends at home. 

We are wishing her a happy 15th birthday on August 6! 

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