Important Update From Roundup River Ranch – Fall 2020 Family Camps

Roundup River Ranch has come to yet another crossroads as we collectively navigate the world through the lens of COVID-19. Over the past three months our team has worked tirelessly to develop innovative programming that can support our campers with serious illnesses and their families through virtual camp experiences. We are so excited that we are able to find meaningful, fun and supportive opportunities for our campers to experience the joy and magic of camp online. While the camp experience is sure to look different as it takes shape online, we know that camp is more than a place, camp is a feeling that begins with a spark and ignites a flame in each of us to discover our inner child, to be silly, to be joyful, and to find connection with people on both similar and different life journeys.

Through these trying times we have had to be brave enough to make the hard decisions and we have come to a point to make another hard, yet brave decision. We have determined that we can not responsibly and safely bring campers to our camp site in 2020 through our fall family camp programs in August, September, and October. These are painstakingly difficult decisions, but our campers are at the heart of every decision we make and we know this is in the best interest of all our campers, families, volunteers, staff and supporters.  

Roundup River Ranch has consulted with key governing bodies and important resources as we ultimately came to this conclusion, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Camp Association, State of Colorado Public Orders and guidance, Eagle County Public Orders, and SeriousFun Children’s Network. All of our resources and in-depth research point to the necessity to protect our camp family. It is with this in mind, that we will expand our “Here We Go Online” and “Joy, Delivered” programming through the fall to encompass family campers, where together, we will discover joy, friendship and a whole new world of possibilities.

Based on compliance, regulation, executive orders, and public guidance we know that the quality of the fall family camp experience will be impacted and prevent our staff from delivering the best possible programming.  Instead, we must commit to growth in new ways that create excellent and sustainable programs with safety and campers as the foundation.  The current requirements and recommendations for re-opening requests specific thoughtfulness regarding the support of high-risk populations, which many of our campers are considered.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to serve children with serious illnesses and their families. All of our virtual camp experiences are free, all-inclusive, are developed with intentionality and are outcomes based. We will also continue to assess the best way to support our families with limited online access to ensure all our campers have the opportunity to experience the joy of camp in 2020.

We know that we are building resilience and strength through these changes and difficult times. We are here for all of you as part of our camp family and look forward to what we will discover together and how we will continue to grow. Let us work together to spread kindness, compassion, inquiry, creativity, confidence, and support building strength and resilience among us all.

Thank you for your continued confidence, support and belief in the magic of Roundup River Ranch.

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