2022 Camp Theme

In 2021, we learned that camp brings everyone together – no matter what “together” looks like, no matter where it is. And, the very act of being there for one another is what creates each campers’ happy place.
So, as we head into a fresh new camp year, we are so excited to plan for campers to be together again at camp in our beautiful mountain “happy place.” And, we are equally thrilled to keep bringing even more campers together via Camp Online and Joy, Delivered. Plus, we look forward to extra helpings of camp-tastic togetherness with Camper Reunions in-person and virtually, volunteers reconnecting, and donors coming together like never before. Because the truth is, we are all simply better together.

Our 2022 Camp Theme is…“TOGETHER” IS OUR HAPPY PLACE!
Together, we feel powerful, courageous, and willing to try new things.
Together, we are never afraid to be ourselves. Share our worries.
Together, we realize that we are never alone on our journey.
Together, jokes are funnier, songs are louder, goofy costumes are in style.
(and eating a No-Hands Spaghetti Dinner is absolutely encouraged!)
Together, shyness fades, friendships blossom, and life-changing memories are made.

Camp is about being together with people who accept you, listen to you, and understand you. Camp is about being together sharing in the joy of belly laughs, the proud feeling of accomplishment, or the sheer thrill of trying something new. Camp brings us together in all kinds of remarkable, magical, life-changing ways. That’s why at Roundup River Ranch: “TOGETHER” IS OUR HAPPY PLACE. Learn more at RoundupRiverRanch.org/campers/2022-camp-theme/
As we brainstormed how to set the stage for 2022, we were inspired by the song “Happy Place” by Saint Phnx. Please take a moment to feel the same inspiration we felt! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7t564sAWmk

Are you ready to join us in 2022? Camper applications are NOW OPEN for onsite Summer Camps and Family Retreats in 2022! Apply now. Interested in becoming a volunteer? Apply now.

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