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2022 Registration Process.

Roundup River Ranch is excited to offer a wide variety of year-round programs in 2022! Our 2022 program calendar will welcome campers back to camp onsite, and we are equally thrilled to bring more campers together through our Outreach Programs.

Registration for 2022 onsite Summer Camp, onsite Family Retreats, Camp Online and Joy, Delivered and are open now! Sign up below.

Download our 2022 Program Calendar for Onsite & Outreach Programs – click here!

What is Camp Online? Learn more by watching our video.

To understand the registration process for onsite Family Retreats, onsite Summer Camps, Camp Online, and Joy, Delivered – please view the instructions outlined in the application guides below:

Questions or Additional Support

We have developed a robust 2022 FAQs document regarding onsite, in-person programs, so you know what to expect. Below are some highlights to be aware of:

  • All participants and the family members that they live with must agree to participate in low-risk activities for 14 days prior to camp.
  • All participants are required to take a COVID-19 test prior to arrival, during check in, and three days into the camp session.
  • All volunteers and staff are required to be fully immunized against COVID-19.
  • All Summer Camp campers must have completed their COVID-19 vaccine series in order to attend camp.
  • All Family Retreat family members, who are eligible, need to be fully vaccinated in order to attend camp onsite.

Read our full 2022 FAQs for Camper Families, Volunteers, and Seasonal Staff below.

Please contact our Camper Admissions Team at or 970.524.5713.

Completed Applications

Applications are considered incomplete until all materials have been submitted. Once completed, application materials may be uploaded (preferred), sent via mail, or fax:

Roundup River Ranch
Attn: Camper Recruitment
8333 Colorado River Road
Gypsum, CO 81637
Phone: 970.524.5713
Fax: 888.524.2477


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