2023 Camp Theme

As we enter the New Year, it is a wonderful time to reflect on where we have been together on our camp journey and where we are going. In 2023, as we gather at camp or bring the magic of camp to kids wherever they are, we are celebrating the amazing things that happen when we all plug into the power of camp.

Our 2023 Camp Theme is… 

The amazing thing about Roundup River Ranch is how it makes it possible for every camper to SHINE. One of the things we love the most about camp is that here, campers’ personalities burn bright instead of being overshadowed by their diagnosis.

Their sense of humor, their creativity, their independent streak, their fearless side – that all shines through here. Whether it’s under the glowing light of stars, the warm light of a campfire, or light-hearted moments of Camp Online or Joy, Delivered, the pure magic of being a kid is never, ever snuffed out.

And when the giggles, friendships, and courage of campers burns bright, you know what else happens? That inner light of each happy camper reflects on those around them. Brightening the hearts and lightening the spirits of fellow campers, volunteers and family members – helping them to shine as well.

So, this year, as we gather at camp or bring the magic of camp to kids wherever they are, we are celebrating the amazing things that happen when we all plug into the power of camp and SHINE ON!

shine on string lights

SHINE ON as your try new things you never thought you could do.

SHINE ON as you discover your fearless side.

SHINE ON as you take all the memories of camp with you wherever you go.

SHINE ON as you share your journey to help encourage fellow campers.

SHINE ON as you connect with friends around a virtual campfire.

We create space for every camper to SHINE! As we sing “Stars in the Sky” at the end of each camp session, you’ll often hear our program team explain to campers about how Roundup River Ranch shines them up and sends them back into the world as a brighter version of exactly who they always were. And that… is the power of camp. Let’s get ready to SHINE ON together in the year ahead. Learn more at RoundupRiverRanch.org/ShineOn

We are inspired by the song “Shine Bright” from the Trolls: The Beat Goes On movie. Please take a moment to feel the same inspiration we felt! And…get ready for some new 2023 camp dances!

Do you want to SHINE ON in 2023? Camper applications will OPEN for onsite Summer Camps and Family Camps mid-January. We’ll update with more information soon. Camp Online and Joy, Delivered registrations are open year-round! Apply HERE.

If you’re ready to shine as a volunteer this summer, apply here!


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