Financial Overview and Statements

In order to deliver the most impactful and life-changing camper experiences, Roundup River Ranch is committed to transparency, fiscal responsibility, and best practices in governance.

Financial information from November 1, 2019, through October 31, 2020, is based on FY2020 audit. Roundup River Ranch’s auditors certified that our FY2020 audited financials comply with the Philanthropy Advisory Service of the Council of Better Business Bureau’s and American Institute of Philanthropy’s standards and that our expense allocations are consistent with best practices in nonprofit management and fundraising. In addition to reviewing financials, organizational transparency, governance, leadership, and program results are important indicators of excellence in nonprofit performance. FY2020 overhead costs include important investments in training, planning, evaluation, and fundraising so we can continue to operate our programs at a high level of excellence.

* Annual fixed asset depreciation ($719,992) is included in the expense chart. When comparing cash expenses with revenues, excluding annual asset depreciation, Roundup River Ranch maintains a balanced cash budget. In-kind expenses are allocated within their corresponding department in each of the expense categories.

** Please note that the Board of Directors invested in Roundup River Ranch’s future by retaining an outside consulting firm to advise on growth and future strategic direction. These expenses are included within the Fundraising and Marketing expenditures and will not be annual ongoing expenses. These consulting fees and additional growth related expenses account for approximately 18% of the Fundraising and Marketing expenses.


In 2020, the impact of COVID-19 has affected Roundup River Ranch’s operations, donors, vendors, partners, and other key stakeholders. In a year when many organizations have been faced with staff furloughs and lay-offs, closures and a reduction in programming, we accelerated our programming and increased our reach in 2020, providing nearly 3,000 camper experiences this year alone (a 34% increase over 2019). For this reason, we made conservative reductions to nearly all expenditures, without having to make any staffing adjustments, which has been critical to our program delivery. Roundup River Ranch was able to provide more camper experiences at a reduced cost by providing alternative programming. 

  • Due to the effects of COVID-19 on fundraising and our inability to deliver programs in- person, our program ratios have been impacted. The expenses in FY2020 are reflective of Roundup River Ranch’s annual fixed costs and are critical to deliver our mission effectively. While there were expense reductions equivalent to nearly 22%, Roundup River Ranch determined it was imperative to retain year-round staff and hire six seasonal staff to support program delivery. With that in mind, many of the costs associated with seasonal program delivery were cut, but fixed costs such as personnel, benefits, and facilities maintenance were maintained.
  • Furthermore, no reduction in staff pay or benefits was required, nor did Roundup River Ranch need to use organizational reserves to get through FY2020, even with a reduction in unrestricted operational revenues of 22%. 
  • Cost to raise $1 was $.11 for total operating revenue/expense. This was calculated using all fundraising expenses in the audit divided by the total combined revenue in our financials.
  • There is a significant increase in restricted gifts in 2020. This is a result of a focused effort to secure the long-range future of Roundup River Ranch by building capital and operational reserves as well as the endowment. This effort is in alignment with our strategic plan and more will be revealed on the sustainability and growth plans of the organization later in 2021. The restricted income is reflected in our 990 and has been excluded in these charts to reflect operational revenues.




Financial Statements


IRS Form 990
Audited Financial Statements


IRS Form 990
Audited Financial Statements


IRS Form 990
Audited Financial Statements


IRS Form 990
Audited Financial Statements


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