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A strong endowment will ensure we can plan with confidence for the shifting needs of the children and families we serve.

After 10 years of success, Roundup River Ranch has not only proven our ability to deliver with excellence, but we have also earned the trust of thousands of families, medical practitioners, and philanthropists who share a common vision for our long-term sustainability.

At the onset of the campaign, Roundup River Ranch had a modest endowment of $1.1 million. This is valuable, but not adequate, to protect our mission as we strategically grow the number of campers and the variety of medical illnesses we serve. For example, expanding camp to increase the number of campers reached will increase Roundup River Ranch’s annual operating budget by an estimated $600,000. For the sake of children with serious illnesses and their families, sustainability must go hand-in-hand with growth – not just in the near term, but for many years to come.

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Your gift is tax deductible. Colorado tax payers may qualify for the Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit.

“We were inspired to give to the endowment because we believe in the mission of Roundup River Ranch, and we want to ensure that camp is available and can  support children and families for generations to come. The goal of continued growth with a focus on sustainability was incredibly important to us.” – Kristy Woolfolk, Board Member, and The Frechette Family Foundation Director

Now is the moment to ensure Roundup River Ranch is here for generations to come.

For more information, please contact Cathy Ethington, Director of Development, at 414.418.7328 or via email at

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