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The Embrace Joy Movement is where camp, creativity, and community come together. Celebrate You (yeah, we’re looking at you—create a fundraiser for your birthday, wedding, or any other personal accomplishment), Host an Event (it’s your party you can do what you want to — host an yoga class, a bingo night, or your own style of event), Get Active (see that mountain over there—it needs climbing or run that half marathon—fundraise for your next physical feat), or Freestyle (you can’t camp dance wrong—fundraise in your own style!) to raise funds and awareness for Roundup River Ranch. Whatever you do, do it with joy to provide opportunities for children with serious illnesses to discover joy, friendships, and confidence! Start your own fundraiser or join one of our feature events below!

Fund A Cabin

We’ll leave it to our campers to tell you about the friendships they make in their cabins, “The friends I meet here can relate to my life. The good and the bad, the struggles and strife. That makes us grow closer and feel less alone. These are the friendships I could never imagine at home.

Heal The Soul

We provide individualized medical care for each of our campers. Our physician and nurse volunteers leave their lab coats and scrubs behind and join our medical team at camp. And while they may not “look” like doctors or nurses when they’re swinging from a zip line, the truth is they are constantly focused on the needs and well-being of every camper.

We Are Family

At Roundup River Ranch, there’s no age limit on silliness, laughter, or needing a break from the real world. So at camp, families are supported with love and empathy as they relish this unique chance to escape the stress of their child’s medical condition, and connect with others who are on a similar journey. We love knowing that a family dancing together is also healing together.

Sponsor A Camper

Camp - changing lives, one summer and one camper at a time. Every single thing we do, every decision we make, every game we play, even every song we sing are done in the best interest of our campers. We put campers and their families first. Always.

How‘s Your Aim

BULLSEYE! Targets, bows, and being savvy about safety. All of that and more thanks to you! Your support means that campers will be able to develop confidence. Like all of our programs archery is adapted to meet the needs of each and every camper- this would not be possible without you!

Spread S‘More Love

Gather around the campfire. Thanks to you chocolate, graham crackers, creative ingredients like apples, and gooey fingers will all be a part of the fun! This is campers’ first introduction to the magic of camp and shared experiences.

Get Creative

Provide necessary supplies for the Art Yurt, the place where anything goes and everyone is an artist. Provide supplies like glow in the dark paint, wooden frames, glitter, and much, much more. Your generosity allows campers to express their individuality and show off their creative talents.

Dish It Out

YOU know how kids get giggling and they can’t stop, and then they snort through their nose and then the giggling gets ridiculously more uncontrollable until everyone is giggling and snorting and actually crying tears of laughter? That is the ultimate success story of a “No-Hands Spaghetti Dinner.”
Team Events

Join the Roundup River Ranch family at one of our team events.

From Superheroes Are Everywhere to Driving for Kids, we have an event for everyone.


Meet one of our longtime and AMAZING volunteers, Matt! Matt said his favorite way to Embrace Joy is to live in the moment! "Then you can't miss the beauty, the laughter, the love, the magic that is camp". 💛

Join Matt as a volunteer this summer to Embrace Joy and live in the moment! Apply today at RoundupRiverRanch.org/Volunteer or our link in bio! 🔗
We're thrilled to present our 2023 Impact Report, showcasing Roundup River Ranch's remarkable achievements through our very own "Book of Firsts." 📖 2023 was a year of countless significant milestones and memorable firsts. 🫶

At camp, our campers, counselors, and volunteers can all add their “first-ever” experiences to a special book as a way to celebrate the courage it takes to try something new and celebrate that sense of achievement. 👏 This year we also had TONS of first-ever magical camp moments as well as some big firsts as an organization. All of those “firsts” impacted everyone in ways that will last a lifetime. ❤
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to ALL of you for your dedication in bringing our mission to life. It’s because of your support and commitment that we were able to achieve so many remarkable "firsts" in 2023. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for making it all possible! 🥰 Be the FIRST to read our 2023 Impact Report at RoundupRiverRanch.org/Impact or our link in bio! 🔗

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