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Awesome camp experiences straight ahead.

Our picturesque camp sits nestled between the Rocky Mountains and the Colorado River. When camp is in session, Roundup River Ranch becomes 85-acres of total joy and laughter. Please check out our camp map detailing our camp program areas, buildings, and other camp features.

Camp Map 2022

1. The Depot
Where bumps and bruises are fixed and medical care is provided by our team of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals.

2. Trent’s Cookhouse
The heart of camp­—enjoy delicious meals with your cabin, join in an all-camp dance party, shine on the stage during Stage Night, and more!

3. DJ’s Junction
Home to our year-round staff offices, housing for volunteers, indoor programming space, and of course the Gates Observatory!

4. The Benny
Our library within a train that welcomes you to camp. Come read and relax at The Benny.

5. Art Yurt
Everyone’s an artist at Roundup River Ranch! Create masterpieces and explore and discover artistic talents.

6. Amphitheater
Join us for a campfire. Sing campfire songs, enjoy our opening and closing ceremonies, and more.

7. Boating
Grab your life jackets and get ready for fun! Paddle a canoe around the lake and play boating games.

8. Fishing
Learn how to cast, catch, Wish, and then release.

9. Archery
Ready, aim, fire! Try out your skills as you aim to hit a bull’s eye on our many targets.

10. Nature & Discovery and Fine Arts Yurts
Connect with the nature that makes camp so beautiful at the Nature & Discovery Yurt! Put on a costume and act out your imagination at Fine Arts.

10. Camper Cabins
Home away from home. Enjoy Candle Chat, form friendships with other campers and camp staff, play games, and get a good night’s rest.

11. Hayride
An extra fun way to travel around the campsite!

12. Lilly’s Garden (Phase 1)
Our new sound garden donated by Camper Lilly to bring music to camp. 

14. Staff Lodge
Home away from home for our superhero volunteers and some amazing staff members.

Check-in for volunteers, donors, and visitors. Say hi to our full-time staff!

Would you like to tour Roundup River Ranch? If so, please contact Cathy Ethington, Director of Development: or call 414.418.7328.

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