Camp brings us together in all kinds of remarkable, magical, life-changing ways.

As we head into a fresh new camp year, we are so excited to plan for campers to be together again at camp in our beautiful mountain “happy place.” And, we are equally thrilled to keep bringing even more campers together via Camp Online and Joy, Delivered. Plus, we look forward to extra helpings of camp-tastic togetherness with Camper Reunions in-person and virtually, volunteers reconnecting, and our whole community coming together like never before. Campers will connect with other children with similar diagnoses, make friends, and participate in the joy and silliness of camp in all kinds of magical ways.

Download our 2022 Program Calendar for Onsite & Outreach Programs – click here!


Camp Online is an interactive, movement-based, and engaging camp experience that combines all the things we love about traditional camp into an online format. This includes fun activities, positive adult role models, and kids getting to meet other awesome kids on similar life journeys through safe and meaningful programs. Camp Online includes week-long Summer Camps, Weekend Family Camps, Camper Reunions, and activity-specific Camp Clubs. Camp Online programs are open to campers ages 7-17 of all medical diagnoses and their siblings. Click here to view the most up-to-date Camp Online programs.


An out-of-the-box camp experience that supports and engages children in fun activities that inspire creativity, compassion, resilience, teamwork, and are screen-free. The magic and joy of camp is delivered to your doorstep with all the supplies, instructions, and activities necessary to experience the joy of camp free of charge. Joy Delivered is open to diagnosed campers ages 7-17. Click here to learn more about how to sign up for Joy, Delivered.

SUMMER CAMP (onsite)

A five-day, diagnosis-specific camp for children with serious illnesses to experience the magic of camp with other kids who have similar journeys. Here, the healing power of laughter, friendship, and shared experiences offer kids the chance to make new friends, find the courage to try activities they never thought possible, and build confidence. Summer Camp is open to diagnosed campers ages 7-17. Click here to view which diagnosis groups will be served along with session dates. 


A newly imagined onsite weekend program that gives campers and their families the opportunity to enjoy respite, recreation, and the joy of togetherness at camp. Programming will focus on the family unit – each family will have their own unique schedule and will create family memories as they explore camp, enjoy nature, and rejuvenate through the power of play. Family Retreats are open to diagnosed campers ages 5-17, and their families. Click here to view which diagnosis groups will be served along with session dates. 


Children with serious illnesses and their families join online for a weekend of fun, friendship, and rejuvenation. Families can simply focus on the joy of being together and create cherished memories while participating in camp-inspired activities together. Family Camp online is open to diagnosed campers ages 5-17, and their families. Click here to view all Camp Online programs and dates.


A five-day camp online for children with serious illnesses (and their siblings!) will experience the magic of camp with other kids who have similar journeys. All campers (ages 7-17) and their siblings, regardless of diagnosis are welcome to sign up! Click here to view all Camp Online programs and dates.


Programs designed for campers and their families to reconnect through a diverse array of fun and engaging camp experiences in-person around greater Denver area, or as a Camp Online opportunity. Camper Reunions are aimed at relieving loneliness and providing nurturing environments to strengthen each camper’s resilience through socialization. Camper Reunions are open to diagnosed campers ages 5-17, and their families. Click here to visit our Camper Reunion schedule.


A community partnership program that brings camp activity boxes and other resources to organizations (such as Brent’s Place, Morgridge Academy, or Ronald McDonald House of Denver). Camp In Your Community is offered to families who may or may not traditionally qualify for Roundup River Ranch’s onsite and online camp programs. If you’re interested in bringing Camp In Your Community to your area, please contact our Camp Director, Kendra Perkins, at

As always, ALL Roundup River Ranch programs are completely free of charge to children with serious illnesses and their families. 





We have developed a robust 2022 FAQs document regarding onsite, in-person programs, so you know what to expect. Read our full 2022 FAQs for Camper Families, Volunteers, and Seasonal Staff below.


Please contact our Camper Admissions Team at or 970.524.5713.

The Roundup River Ranch staff considered key issues involved in bringing campers back onsite including camper experiences, capacity, housing, session length, diagnosis groups served, food services and dietary needs, cleaning/ housekeeping, transportation logistics, COVID testing, vaccines, facility updates needed, program cancelation risks, staffing, and more. Based on these factors, a decision-making tool was created to help us continuously reassess our capability to safely run onsite programs with excellence. This tool, our Camp Operation Readiness Grid, will be used to track and continuously reassess our capacity to safely provide camp programming.  This grid reviews a number of areas including: Community Restrictions, Infection Control Capabilities, Staffing and Supplies, Program and Facilities Capabilities, Testing Capabilities, Vaccine Availability, and Transmission Status.

Staff made the recommendation to the Board of Directors that onsite programming resume in 2022, assuming we can meet all standards in the Camp Operation Readiness Grid.  In Fall 2021, the Board of Directors, approved the decision to work towards reopening the campsite for a residential camp program at approximately 55% capacity during summer camp and 66% during Family Retreats.

In designing and operating the 2022 Summer Camp program, we will be closely following summer camp guidelines from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), the Colorado Department of Human Services and childcare licensing (CDHS), and the American Camping Association (ACA). We will also be operating based on recommendations from the SeriousFun Children’s Network (SFCN) that were created with support from outside professionals, Environmental Health and Engineering, Inc (EH&E) specifically for camps serving children with serious illnesses. As these standards develop and evolve throughout the spring and summer, we will continuously update our own policies in compliance.

While we are operating at reduced capacity onsite, we will have lots of other opportunities to stay connected!  We hope you choose to participate in a way that supports you. Visit our 2022 Program Schedule page.

Head to this page to apply. The registration process begins here for all programs. Questions? Simply reach out to us at or call us at (970) 524-5713.

As always, ALL programs provided by Roundup River Ranch are FREE of charge to our families!

Camp Online does NOT require a download. The platform will work best on a desktop, laptop, or Chromebook with a microphone and web camera. It will also work on a tablet, iPad, or smartphone.

Many school districts are allowing families to ‘check out’ a Chromebook. Roundup River Ranch is happy to support this ask. We have a letter you can share about the value of camp for your student, just let us know. If you are unable to ‘check out’ a Chromebook, please consider the smartphone options. If additional support is needed, please reach out to our camper admissions team at (970) 524-5713.


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