Why Camp Matters

Want to know something fun?
Camp does some serious good for kids.

We are all about fun here, but we’re also extremely proud of the indisputable fact that camp goes far beyond giggling joke-telling and crazy games. Camp matters. And it matters even more to kids battling serious illnesses.

Yes, actually, we do have hoity-toity research to prove it.

The Yale Child Study Center recently found that those who attend a SeriousFun Camp like Roundup River Ranch showed improved confidence, higher self-esteem, a greater sense of independence, and an increased interest in social activities. Their research revealed that children’s stress related to their illness decreased as a result of the camp experience. That is a healthy, happy piece of data! Read the full Yale Child Study Center Report >

Changes in Children Noticed by Their Families Following Camp

Campers all over the country can tell you what a big thing this is.

When American Camp Association® (ACA) asked families from eighty ACA-accredited camps about what camp means to their kids – they also responded that their children grew significantly in everything from leadership skills to peer relationships. Imagine, if camp does this much for the “average” kid, what amazing, life-changing effect it has on a child going through the toughest of times.

“Camp is so much more than ‘just plain fun!’ Camp has a profound, lifelong, positive impact on all children that is not found anywhere else in the educational quiver of a growing child.”
– Roundup River Ranch Board Member

The fine art of intentional programming. “Just” is just not something we say.

Above all else at Roundup River Ranch – camp is a powerfully positive experience. Our intentional programming philosophy means that campers “challenge by choice” — challenging themselves by making individual choices and then reaping the rewards of discovering new talents, hidden courage and exhilarating successes. The word “just” is not allowed. It devalues participation. So you’ll never hear anyone say, “You can climb the wall, or just climb part way up.” Or, “You can ride the horse, or just groom it.” “Just” minimizes the accomplishment – and creates comparison. Instead, our campers choose what feels right to them, navigate their experience, and they have the pride of an entire camp of “cheerleaders” – from their cabin mates to the chefs in the kitchen – rooting for them and offering congratulations. It’s a win/win for everybody involved and the lasting impact of newfound confidence and pride go far beyond camp to school, social settings and friendships back home. Your donation is what makes it all possible. >


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