Mission, Vision & Values

It’s what’s inside that counts.

Our Mission

Roundup River Ranch offers children with life-altering diagnoses, and their families, opportunities to embrace joy, create connection, foster independence, and build hope through free, medically-supported camp programs.

Our Vision

Where illness and medical complexities take a backseat to ordinary, and extraordinary childhood experiences.

Strategic Plan (FY2024 – FY2026): Check it out!

Why a new and exciting strategic plan? Because that’s the secret behind creating the magic of camp.
As we look to the future, we are committed to accomplishing our goals and creating life-changing moments, intentional programming, and awe-inspiring places and experiences for campers and their families. We are guided by a renewed mission and vision that celebrates our intentions and strengthens the impact we can make. Our work is always led by our hearts, our passion, and our serious-but-fun-loving guideposts which drive our decisions, fuel our spirit, and make every camp moment extraordinary.

We've Rounded up our top 10 guideposts.

These values direct our actions, fuel our spirit and make our camp extraordinary.

Campers are #1
Every single thing we do, every decision we make, every game we play, even every song we sing are done in the best interest of our campers. We put campers and their families first. Always.

Give 110%
We believe in giving our all – and then some- to creating exceptional, positive experiences for our campers and their families. We want to exceed expectations every day in every way for campers, families, volunteers, staff and our community.

We’re all about it. We respect each other’s individual talents, opinions, differences and choices. We appreciate what everyone brings to the table and we are huge fans of high fives, pleases and thank yous.

We're all ears.
We value respectful, clear, open minded, transparent and direct communication. We listen carefully and intently to others and then use integrity, compassion and kindness when we speak.

Superheroes are everywhere
We know courage comes in all shapes and sizes. Through intentional, empowering experiences we help kids and families discover their own powers, conquer fears and leave camp feeling more confident than ever.

Be savvy about privacy
We take our campers’ needs seriously and provide a physically, emotionally and medically-supportive environment in every aspect of camp.

Embrace joy.
We believe in simple, pure, old-fashioned fun. We celebrate the joy of childhood through discovery, tons of encouragement, shared experiences, lots of acceptance, silly jokes, and oodles of new friendships.

Relish the role of "role model".
All of the grown-ups here realize what an important role we play in the lives of the kids we serve. We lead by example, value and support each other, cheer for each other’s successes and join forces as innovators and leaders.

Three cheers for being a team.
At Roundup River Ranch everyone makes a difference and shapes our camp family. We are an inclusive, welcoming community that works together for the greater good.

In it to win it.
We work hard, have a sustainable organizational model, stay focused on the future, and are driven to grow and thrive as an organization. We are accountable, authentic, and forever grateful for our campers, families, employees, volunteers and donors.

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