Volunteer FAQs

Devon Lehman



Devon Lehman, Volunteer

When not at Camp I am a: Program Coordinator for Larimer County Department of Human Services for Children, Youth, and Families

Volunteer at Roundup River Ranch since: 2013

Favorite camp activity: Camp Dancing, Candle Chats, and Parents’ Cafe Au Lait 

Favorite meal at Camp: No-Hands Spaghetti 

Favorite Camp dance: “The World’s Greatest” 

How would you describe camp in three words? Magic, beauty, and possibility 

In what volunteer role(s) do you serve at Roundup River Ranch? I’ve been a cabin volunteer and a program volunteer. 

Why do you think it is important to provide camp experiences to children with serious illnesses? As Paul Newman once said, every child deserves the chance to “raise a little hell!” Camp gives everyone a chance to step into their stretch zone in an environment where success is 
possible. Camp allows kids the chance to have new experiences and create memories that last a lifetime. 

How do you think you’ve made a difference as a Roundup River Ranch volunteer? Having been a volunteer and a summer staff member, I know first hand how important volunteers are to camp! Volunteers are such a vital part of the camp experience.  Volunteers bring their own creativity, expertise, and passion to camp to make each week or weekend a unique experience. 

What motivates you to volunteer at Roundup River Ranch? What doesn’t motivate me? I love everything about camp and cannot imagine my life without Roundup River Ranch. I think meeting the campers and families and seeing the transformation that happens in such a short period of time is what keeps me coming back. 

What is your favorite memory from volunteering? My favorite memory is from a family weekend when we were able to give a father and son the opportunity to do the challenge course after some creative planning. Seeing the two of them have a really special moment at the top of the challenge course after encouraging the son to meet his father up there was one of the best moments of my camp experiences.

How has your Roundup River Ranch volunteer experience impacted your life? Camp allows me to see life in a different way. Camp is all about seeing the possible in the impossible. Camp lets me see all the different opportunities in an experience, and problem solve in a completely different way.  I think camp has made me live a more vibrant life full of finding joy in even the ordinary. 

Why would you encourage others to volunteer at camp? It is life-changing. I can remember the moment during my first Serious Fun experience where my life changed forever. Give it a chance, I promise it is worth it! I’ve heard the saying, “From the outside looking in, you can’t understand it. From the inside looking out, you can’t describe it.” I think this is the perfect way to explain camp, because it’s hard to put into words 
what camp means to each and every one of us. 

Thinking about volunteering? You won’t regret a single joyful, inspiring, life-changing moment.

Roundup River Ranch Volunteer FAQ’s

Click here to apply to volunteer and review the Volunteer Qualifications and Requirements. After you submit your Volunteer Application, a member of the Volunteer Team will contact you to talk about the camp season. 

The minimum age to volunteer during a camp session is 19. We do offer off-season opportunities for school-age groups. Please contact Jenika, the Volunteer Manager, at jenika@roundupriverranch.org for availability and scheduling. 

Click here to learn more about the volunteer opportunities and responsibilities of each role that we have available. 

We offer off-season and intersession opportunities for groups (Corporate, Civic, Faith-based, Fraternity/Sorority, Educational, Recreational, Etc.). Please contact Jenika, the Volunteer Manager at Jenika@roundupriverranch.org for availability and scheduling. 

Each year we rely on the support of a diverse group of volunteers to provide camp experiences for children with serious illnesses and their families. Volunteers are welcome throughout the year to serve while camp is in session (May through October) and during our off-season by assisting with events, facilities, administration, and other activities. 

A typical day at camp is 12-14 hours in length. All session-long volunteers are given one hour off per day. During this time, volunteers are encouraged to focus on self-care and rejuvenation. Volunteers are expected to remain on-site throughout their committed session. 

Session Volunteers will be provided housing the night of Volunteer Orientation through the last night of the session. Volunteers will finish their role by noon on the last day of the session. All linens will be provided in addition to a bath towel and a wash cloth. Toiletries will not be provided. The first meal served will be lunch on the first day of Volunteer Orientation. Throughout the session, volunteers will eat with campers and staff. The last meal served is breakfast on the final day of the session.  


Summer Camp/Family Camp Schedule

7:30 am

Early Elk – Morning Program

8:30 am


10:00 am

Program Blocks

12:30 pm


1:30 pm

Feet off the Floor Time

2:30 pm

Program Blocks and a Snack

5:15 pm

Cabin Time

6:00 pm


6:45 pm

Cabin Time

7:15 pm

Evening Program

8:45 pm

Candle Chat (Summer)/ Teen and Adult Lounge (Family Camp)

9:30 pm

Camper Bedtime

* Times may vary

Upon your arrival to camp, follow the signs to Volunteer Orientation and park behind Trent’s Cookhouse (red building), where orientation begins promptly at 11am. Volunteer Orientation will cover the following topics: a tour of camp, policies and procedures, mealtime procedures, child protection training, emergency procedures, medical training and depot tour, roles and responsibilities, behavioral support (summer camp only) and of course camp dancing! 
A full medical team is present during each camp session; Non-medical volunteers are not responsible for the medical care of a camper. Prior to your arrival, “Our Camper’s Special Considerations Manual” will be made available for your review and there will be an overview of the week’s diagnosis during Volunteer Orientation Medical Training.  
All Volunteers, unless otherwise specified, should report to our camp location in the heart of the Rocky Mountains at 8333 Colorado River Road, Gypsum, CO 81637. Specific directions to camp will be provided to volunteers prior to their arrival.  
The weather varies throughout the camp season. Since we are located in the heart of the Rockies weather can change fairly quickly. The days get warm and the nights are often cool. We recommend that volunteers pack layers to prepare for the weather. A packing list will be provided to Volunteers prior to their arrival. 


Contact Information

Jenika Doberstein
Volunteer Manager
jenika@roundupriverranch.org / 970.524.5720 

Victoria Calamari
Volunteer Coordinator
victoria@roundupriverranch.org / 970.524.5717

Dr. Marita Bledsoe
Medical Director
marita@roundupriverranch.org / 970.524.5710