A Day at Camp

What is camp like at Roundup River Ranch?

Coming to camp can be a big decision for a lot of families and campers which is why we wanted to showcase what a day at Roundup River Ranch looks like for those new to camp or returning after time away. Flip through the album below to have a sneak-peak of a day at camp that is full of activities and experiences. Leave the tents and sleeping bags at home… at our camp, enjoy state-of-the-art facilities, around-the-clock medical care, delicious and healthy food, and life-changing friendships.

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Each session is focused on a specific set of medical conditions so that campers are surrounded by others who understand what they are going through and can have shared experiences. This creates truly unique opportunities for friendships to form quickly and inhibitions to disappear. We not only provide week-long camp sessions for children, we also offer several family camps and some special sessions where siblings ages 17 and under are invited to come along to camp and join in the fun.

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