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Every Summer Roundup River Ranch employs a group of dedicated, talented, and fun professionals at our beautiful campsite in the Colorado Rockies. Gain experience in peer leadership, program development, and group dynamics while making a difference in the lives of campers with serious illnesses. Apply today to be a part of the Team that creates camp magic! Applications are reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis until all positions are filled. Apply today to join us for the 2024 Camp Season!  

Keep reading for: available positions, job requirements, schedules, pay rates, bonus structures, and more!

Attending Staff Training is essential for Team Integration, position-specific training/certification, and learning all of Roundup River Ranch’s Emergency Procedures, Policies and Program needs.  Please review our training schedule dates below to plan ahead and confirm your availability for our essential trainings. If you are not available for all of these dates we encourage you to apply as we may be able to grant some flexibility on a case-by-case basis and depending on prior experience. 

  • May 10th (arrival): Leadership Training: Medical Staff, Team Lead(s), and the Behavioral Health Lead  
  • May 15th (May 14th arrival): Lifeguard & Challenge Course Training for identified Program Leaders 
  • May 21st (May 20th arrival): All Staff Training – Program Leaders, Cabin Leaders and Program Assistants 
  • June 6 – August 4th : Core Camp Season 
  • View the full camp schedule here

Unable to commit to the Full Camp Season but still interested in supporting our Mission? Apply to volunteer HERE 


2024 Seasonal Job Opportunities

For the 2024 Camp Season, we are excited to announce that we will be shifting back to our previous staffing model of having 2 dedicated camper care roles: Cabin Leader, and Program Leader! If you’ve worked seasonally at camp from 2020-2023 please review these changes when applying. Below we’ve included a brief bio of each of the available seasonal positions for the 2024 Camp Season. Interested applicants should review the full job description and submit an online application via the application links powered by Paylocity below.  More positions will be posted soon!

  • Cabin LeaderThis position is similar to your traditional Camp Counselor position. At Roundup River Ranch, however, Cabin Leaders do so much more! Our Cabin Leaders provide direct care to our campers ensuring emotional, physical, and medical safety at all times. Cabin Leaders gain experience in child care, behavioral support, volunteer training, and much more. Boost your Resume with this position that exemplifies strong leadership, collaboration, and communication skills. Credits towards an internship may be available depending on your specific program.  
    • The Daily Pay Rate for this position is: $86  
    • Please note, you must be 19 years of age or older (by 6th June, 2024) to be eligible for this position  
  • Program LeaderDo you love Rock Climbing/Zip Lining, Archery, Equestrian, Fishing/Boating, Fine Arts/Arts?! This position is for you. Program leaders are responsible for the facilitation of our camp programs. They will learn how to plan, adapt, and execute high quality programs for groups of 8-12 campers at a time.  Working in this position will provide you with the skills and experience to lead and facilitate groups, and effectively communicate and collaborate in small and large group settings. Credits towards an internship may be available depending on your specific program.   
    • The Daily Pay Rate for this position is: $86 
    • Please note, you must be 19 years of age or older (by 6th June, 2024) to be eligible for this position  
  • Team Leader(s): Our Team Leader positions will support and lead our Cabin Team and Program Teams. If you enjoy encouraging, supporting, and leading a group of peers, this position is for you! Boost your resume with this position that exemplifies leadership, communication, community building, and managerial skills! Read on for specifics of the 2 focus positions available:  
    • The Daily Pay Rate for this position is: $90 
    • Please note, you must be 19 years of age or older (by 6th June, 2024) to be eligible for this position  

§  Cabin Team Lead:Our Cabin Leaders will be a strong team of compassionate, motivated, and caring individuals excited to care for our campers and give them an incredible summer! Their job is to provide direct care for our campers, ensuring emotional, physical, and medical safety throughout their time at Roundup. The Cabin Team Leader will support our Team of Cabin Leaders in their direct care of campers, assist them with things like behavioral support, and provide observational feedback to allow them to grow in their role! The ideal candidate for this position is an excellent communicator, people focused, and interested in providing high quality programming to the kids we serve.

§  Program Team Lead: The Program Team Leader will support our Team of Program Leaders in their roles running- Archery, Art, Challenge Course, Fishing, Boating, Fine Art, Nature, Discovery, Equestrian, and Astronomy across camp. This leadership role will perform weekly check ins, provide personnel support, and give regular observational feedback. The ideal candidate for this position is detail oriented, people focused, and interested in providing high quality programming to the kids we serve. 

  • Summer Camp Administrative Assistant: This position is responsible for supporting the Camps Office Supervisor and Admissions Team. Administrative Assistants support Volunteer Orientation, Camper Arrival, and Departure Days with tasks that include, creating and printing documents and labels, scanning documents, pulling and organizing camper arrival items, managing packing and shipping of lost and found items, and more. Individuals in this role will have a strong administrative focus and will learn organization, communication, and optimization skills. This position is very important to ensure a smooth organized camp season!
    • Please note, that you must be 16 years of age or older by your training start date to be eligible for this position. 

Bonuses! Available to Residential Program & Cabin Staff

Roundup River Ranch is committed to providing competitive pay to all employees. Cabin Leaders, Program Leaders, and our Cabin Team Lead & Program Team Lead positions who are paid a daily stipend are eligible to receive additional bonus payments as outlined below.  Bonus payments will be paid based on the schedule and terms outlined upon completing our hiring process and receiving a formal Offer of Employment. Please note, seasonal hourly paid positions are NOT eligible to receive these bonuses.

  • Return Staff Bonus – $150: Staff who are returning from a prior Roundup River Ranch Camp Season are eligible to receive a $150 bonus.  
    • Return staff may be eligible to receive up to a $2.00 merit-based daily rate increase if they are returning in the same capacity as prior years.  
  • Referral Bonus – $100: Staff who “refer a friend” and that individual is hired and completes our full staff training, you will be eligible to receive $100 per referral.  
  • Staff Training Completion Bonus – $500: Complete all of staff training (May 21-30) to receive a $500 bonus.  
  • Season Completion Bonus – $1,500: Fulfill your entire seasonal obligation as outlined in your Offer of Employment to receive a $1,500 bonus paid on your final paycheck.  

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