Family Camp

There’s nothing more fun than watching an entire family dance, giggle and zip-line together.

At Roundup River Ranch, there’s no age limit on silliness, laughter, or needing a break from the real world. So at camp, families are supported with love and empathy as they relish this unique chance to escape the stress of their child’s medical condition, and connect with others who are on a similar journey.

The Family Camp program is modeled after all the fun and joy of our Summer Camp program. Families are welcomed to camp for a weekend of rejuvenation, friendship, and lots of smiles. Here, families can simply focus on the joy of being together, creating cherished memories. We see dads on zip lines, moms wearing goofy costumes and kids showing off for their siblings. We love knowing that a family dancing together is also healing together. And of course, Family Camp programs are always free to all participants.

“My son and I had the most wonderful time. We will remember the adventures and all the great things he did and I witnessed for the rest of our lives. I feel truly blessed to have been told about this great camp and to have been selected to attend. Seeing such an amazing place helps me to know there truly is good in this world and that people can and do use their wealth and generosity for great things- for the youth who have been through so much and the families who love and suffer/celebrate with them.”

Next year’s Family Camp Sessions are sure to be memory-makers.

The Roundup River Ranch application is now open! Please click here to learn more about applying to camp.

Questions? Please contact Camper Recruitment team via email at or call 970.524.5713.


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