Summer Camp

Join us for a full helping of sunny, happy, care-free camp.

Summer Camp at Roundup River Ranch

Each summer, we welcome hundreds of fantastic kids for a week-long camp at Roundup River Ranch in the stunning beauty of the Colorado mountains. Children with a variety of medical conditions have the opportunity to experience the magic of camp with other kids who have similar journeys. Friendships are formed, new confidences are found, and kids leave with a canoe-full of great answers to “what did you do this summer?” From the first “welcome” to the final bittersweet goodbye, campers say that even their first time here feels like coming home. Check out camp from the inside.>

Added Peace of Mind.
We have incredible medical care and support right here at camp, including some of the same world-renowned physicians, nurses and medical experts that treat our campers back home. Find out more about our medical care here. >

Straight from the heart.
You really have to be here to know what it feels like, but this video is a close second. Watch a video straight from camp.

Did you know Colorado has more than 300 days of sunshine each year? And none of those days are more spectacular than the ones spent at Roundup River Ranch. Read more about our Colorado location. >

Ready to Join Us at the Campfire?
The Roundup River Ranch 2020 application is now open! Click here to begin the application process.


“My favorite mantra is: Enjoy the little things in life because one day you will wake up and realize that they were the BIG things. Watching our children let loose and dance their hearts away=BIG things, watching my son who is fighting cancer and has neuropathy in his legs and feet to climb that climbing wall with all his gusto and to make it to the top = BIG things.”
– K.G., Mom of a Roundup River Ranch Camper

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