Charitable IRA Rollover

Save on your taxes and help children with serious illnesses.

Charitable IRA Rollover

If you’re 70-1/2 or older, transferring funds from your IRA may provide a way to make a generous gift to Roundup River Ranch while reducing your overall tax burden. You may transfer up to $100,000 per year directly from a traditional or Roth IRA, avoid reporting the distribution as income, and have an immediate impact on children living with serious illnesses. If your spouse has a separate IRA, he or she is also eligible to make a charitable IRA rollover gift. The amount of the transfer will not be included in your taxable income, and the transferred amount counts toward the IRA’s required minimum distribution.

To learn more please contact Director of Development, Cathy Ethington at or 414.418.7328.


Dr. David Cohen, who also gives generously of his time to Roundup River Ranch by serving on the Board of Directors and the Medical Advisory Committee, said that he has been taking advantage of the option to give from his IRA for longer than he can recall.

“My financial advisors told me, ‘It’s by far and away the best way for you to give to Roundup River Ranch,’” he said. “For example, if my minimum required distribution from my IRA in a year is $100,000, I can give $10,000 of that to Roundup River Ranch without incurring the income tax on that portion, so it saves me taxes.”

In addition to tax savings, Dr. Cohen also enjoys seeing firsthand the impact of his gifts on the children and families Roundup River Ranch serves.“We heal the souls of campers,” he shared. “They don’t feel like they are just kids with a disease after spending time at camp. The transformation to their health is just remarkable.”

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