Why Volunteer?

Dr. Michele Chetham

Physician Volunteer


Dr. Michele Chetham, Physician Volunteer

When Not at camp I am a: Pediatric Emergency Physician at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children 

Volunteer at Roundup River Ranch since: 2012

Favorite camp activity: Equestrian

Favorite meal at camp: No-hands Spaghetti ...I like to watch. And the salad bar is the best one ever!!

Favorite camp dance: “Macarena”

How would you describe camp in three words? Courageous, limitless, love 

In what volunteer role(s) do you serve at Roundup River Ranch? I’m a volunteer physician in The Depot and support our amazing team of medical volunteers. We also go to program areas to be extra helping hands and provide medical support as needed. 

What motivates you to volunteer at Roundup River Ranch? Children with serious illnesses touch my heart with their courage and perseverance. I usually encounter my patients and their families in the Emergency Department when they stressed and uncomfortable. Roundup River Ranch provides a beautiful place for children with serious illnesses to let go of stress, relax, and enjoy life. I love to be a part of that. It gives me a fresh perspective for my job as a medical professional.  

What is your favorite memory as a Roundup River Ranch volunteer? I have so many favorite memories! The first time I watched the Stage Night, I was in tears as I witnessed so many brave children get up to fearlessly dance, sing, play instruments, and tell jokes. 

How has your Roundup River Ranch volunteer experience impacted your life? It has made me so appreciative of the gift of life and working in medicine. Seeing children (and their families) who face so many challenges with great courage, encourages me to do the very best I can to love, help and support them in a medical environment and at Camp. 

Why would you encourage others to volunteer at camp? Volunteering at Roundup River Ranch is an amazing and enriching experience. Being with the campers and working alongside so many dedicated healthcare professionals from across the country is so inspiring.

The Roundup River Ranch administration and staff are the most inspiring, humble and dedicated 
individuals I have ever worked with! Thank you!

“Volunteers” seems like such an inadequate term. You are really our do-it-all, super-hero, mind-boggling miracle workers.

We really, truly (pinkie-swear) couldn’t do it without you.

It takes a lot of big hearts and willing hands to keep up with so many vibrant, excited, deserving campers and their families. Our amazing volunteers support Roundup River Ranch through both people-power and cost savings.

Small Investment. Huge Returns.

Since no camper ever pays a penny to attend Roundup River Ranch, our volunteers are truly what make it all possible. Did you know our volunteers save us over $160,000 per session? That is a lot of priceless life-changing experiences you’re about to make happen.

In their own words.

Read testimonials from some of our superstar volunteers on what volunteering at Camp means to them. 

For additional information, please contact the Roundup River Ranch Volunteer at 970.524.CAMP(2267) or email at Volunteer@RoundupRiverRanch.org