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Alex, Camper

"Roundup River Ranch is a place where you can be yourself. It is a week of fun and activities many of us would not try without coming to camp. It was a week when I can let everything out. I did not have to worry about anything and I just had fun!"

2018 Camp Schedule

Three cheers for Camp! Stay tuned for an email announcement about the camper application opening for the 2018 camp season.

Each session has a selection date, which is the earliest an acceptance will be sent to you by email.  If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact Roundup River Ranch at 970-524-2267 or via email at

Open House: Saturday, May 12, 2018  

Summer Camp:     Selection Date

Summer Camp 1

June 7 - 12

Severe Asthma, Lung Disease 

We are proud to welcome CHAMP Camp Campers to Roundup River Ranch. We encourage former CHAMP Campers to apply for this session. 

April 9 

Summer Camp 2

June 16 - 21 

Neurologic Disorders, Craniofacial Anomalies

At this time we do not serve campers who have Autism or Down Syndrome as a primary diagnosis.

April 9 

Summer Camp 3

June 27 - July 2

Heart Disease, Heart Transplant 

April 16 

Summer Camp 4

July 8 - 13

Cancer, Brain Tumors, Sickle Cell Disease, Blood Disorders, Acquired Immunodeficiency 

May 7 

Summer Camp 5

July 18 - 23  

Liver Disease, Liver Transplant, GI Disorders, Celiac Disease, Eosinophilic Esophagitis   

April 16 

Summer Camp 6

July 27 - August 1

Kidney Disease, Kidney Transplant (including Peritoneal Dialysis)

Healthy siblings are also encouraged to apply to this session. 

May 7 


Family Camp:     Selection Date

Family Camp 1

June 1 - 3

Eosinophilic Esophagitis, Celiac Disease

April 9 

Family Camp 2

August 3 - 5

Type 1 Diabetes

May 14

Family Camp 3

August 24 - 26

Cancer, Brain Tumors, Blood Disorders

May 14

Family Camp 4

September 14 - 16

Acquired Immunodeficiency

August 13

Family Camp 5

September 21 - 23

Severe Asthma, Lung Disease

We are proud to welcome CHAMP Camp Campers to Roundup River Ranch. We encourage former CHAMP Campers to apply for this session. 

August 13

Family Camp 6

October 5 - 7

Heart Disease, Heart Transplant 

August 13

Family Camp 7

October 12 - 14  

Epilepsy, Neurologic Disorders, Dermatologic Disorders 

August 27

Family Camp 8

October 19 - 21    

GI Disorders, Liver Disease, Liver Transplant,  Kidney Disease, Kidney Transplant 

*Campers on peritoneal and hemodialysis are welcome to apply. 

August 27


“Liam just got home from camp and was a very shy boy who didn’t like to try new things. After a week at Roundup River Ranch he realized that he could come out of his shell and try new things. He is now a changed boy! He now tells me that ‘trying new things is a good thing.’”