Fall 2020 Programming

Roundup River Ranch is the light as we go boldly and bravely into the 2020 camp season together!

Roundup River Ranch is making lemonade out of lemons and changing our programs to meet the needs of our precious campers with serious illnesses. We will continue to impact our broader community by pivoting virtual camp experiences for our summer and fall programming. During this time, campers will have the opportunity to connect with others on similar life journeys, make friends, and participate in the joy and silliness of camp from the comfort of their own homes. 

We will continue intentional camp outreach that addresses social-emotional learning skills – the stuff that makes our campers resilient, confident, and independent! Our online platform is designed to be interactive and engaging, while always keeping the online safety of our campers in mind.


Here We Go!

Here We Go Online! (Camp Online) will combine all the things we love about traditional camp, including fun activities, super cool adult role models, and kids getting to meet other awesome kids on similar life journeys through a safe and fun online experience. Register today for Here We Go Online!

  • NEW! Weekend Kids Camp. Weekend Camp for kids only! This program runs Friday through Sunday and is designed for kids ages 7-17.
  • NEW! Day Camp. Day camp is a one-day adventure! This program is designed for kids ages 7-17.  
  • NEW! Café au Lait – Adults Only. These events are for adult caregivers. This is a time of connection, sharing resources, laughing, crying, and adult-only conversation. Caregivers of all kinds are invited – parents, guardians, grandparents, etc. 

Click here to see our fall programming schedule.

Virtual Camper Reunions


Virtual Camper Reunions will give campers and their families a feeling of connection during a time of isolation. Virtual Camper Reunions will be a variety of different experiences for our entire camp family to join online and connect as part of this community. Camper Reunions may be attended by the whole family, part of the family, or the diagnosed child. The diagnosed child must be between the ages of 5-17. We encourage the whole family to join the fun! 5-6-year-old kids will need the support of an adult.  Click here to see our virtual Camper Reunion schedule.


Joy Delivered

Joy, Delivered is an out-of-the-box camp experience! We know that an online experience is not for everyone, and we want camp to reach all of our campers in 2020! The magic and joy of camp will be delivered with supplies, activities, and opportunities to experience the joy of camp independently.  Stay tuned for updates on how to sign up! Interested in signing up? Email our camper recruitment team by clicking here or you can call us at (970) 524-5713. Beginning this winter, Joy, Delivered boxes will be offered quarterly! We hope you’ll enjoy all of them! More info on how to register for the quarterly boxes will be coming to your email soon. 


Best Weel Ever


The Best Week Ever is a monthly newsletter sent to camper families and our broader community. It contains family-friendly activities, caregiver resources, conversation starters, and so much more. This newsletter serves as a beacon of joy, hope, and silliness during a challenging time. Click here to see all issues!




Here We Go Online is an online is a virtual summer camp experience. It will combine all of the things we love about traditional camp including fun activities, super cool adult role models, and kids getting to meet other awesome kids on a similar life journey! Each camper will receive a Camp Kit that includes all of the supplies needed to participate.

Joy, Delivered will provide boxed activities and directions to support families who choose not to participate or are unable to participate, in a virtual opportunity, providing fun and games to still capture the joy and silliness of camp.  This program will rekindle camp memories to give campers a feeling of connection to camp during a time of isolation.

Simply reach out to us at CamperRecruiter@RoundupRiverRanch.org or call us at (970) 524-5713. The registration for Here We Go Online will take less than 10 minutes to complete, and Joy Delivered is even less!

Campers must be between the ages of 7-17 and traditionally qualify for Roundup River Ranch. For more information about qualifications, click here!

We are asking that families chose between Here We Go Online or Joy, Delivered. Reach out if you need help deciding which is the better fit for your family.

As always, ALL programs provided by Roundup River Ranch are FREE of charge to our families!

We understand that too much screen time is not good for campers. We have intentionally broken up the day to ensure breaks. Programming will also be interactive and engaging to get kids up, moving, and dancing! Don’t worry… there will be lots of wiggling!

Here We Go Online will look like your typical day of camp at Roundup River Ranch. Information coming soon!

Roundup River Ranch takes the safety of campers very seriously! We are using a platform called Jigsaw Interactive. Originally designed as an educational program, Jigsaw Interactive makes child safety a priority! It is all online – no download is required. This means the data is encrypted, it does not (and cannot!) collect data outside of a session.

All activities will be led and supervised by staff and volunteers who our campers know and love. They will all pass a background check, have reference checks, and participate in training that includes a focus on online safety. Campers will always be supervised by a minimum of two trained adults.

Each block of time will include an all camp activity and a cabin group activity. Campers will enjoy all the things they love about Camp – Early Elk, The Best Day Ever, cabin activities, camp dancing, singing, Stage Night, Candle Chat, and much more!

Here We Go Online does NOT require a download. The platform will work best on a desktop, laptop, or Chromebook with a microphone and web camera. It will also work on a tablet, iPad, or smartphone. Many school districts are allowing families to ‘check out’ a Chromebook. Roundup River Ranch is happy to support this ask. We have a letter you can share about the value of camp for your student.

Many school districts are allowing families to ‘check out’ a Chromebook for the summer. Roundup River Ranch is happy to support this ask. We have a letter you can share about the value of camp for your student. If you are unable to ‘check out’ a Chromebook, please consider the smartphone options. If additional support is needed, please reach out to our camper recruiters at (970) 524-5713.

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