2024 Theme – Embrace Joy!

Hello, 2024! A new year brings a new camp theme!

At Roundup River Ranch, we are all about learning new things. So, we want to let you in on something we discovered as we head into 2024…

Happiness is a feeling based on what’s going on around you. Like seeing the sunrise over our cabins or hearing the music that makes everyone break into a dance right in the middle of lunch.

But Joy – Joy is something even more incredible. Joy is a deep inside feeling. It’s personal, special, and truly remarkable. Joy comes from discovering a sense of community. It’s that indescribable “aha” moment when you realize you’re connected to others, being accepted for who you are, and being celebrated for just being you.

That’s why our theme this year is all about having the power to:


We’re excited to share our 2024 Camp Theme… EMBRACE JOY. Embrace Joy embodies all the things we love about camp. Check out our staff video embracing this year’s theme!

Joy is realizing that being yourself, is the best being there is. We can’t wait to embrace joy with you this year! TODAY IS THE DAY – Camper applications AND Volunteer applications are NOW OPEN for summer 2024!

To view our 2024 program calendar, click here!

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