Intentional Programming + Showcasing Newfound Talents

Our intentional programming philosophy means that campers “challenge by choice” – challenging themselves by making individual choices, and then reaping the rewards of discovering new talents, hidden courage,  and exhilarating successes.

At Roundup River Ranch, all our activities focus on two levels of skills. Level 1 skills are the essential, tactical skills of the activity being taught. Level 2 skills are the outcomes that our campers are able to take away from the activity and use in their day-to-day life – such as, patience, communication, creativity, leadership, and more. This is where the magic happens, and where our campers are able to grow!

One of our favorite intentional camp programs is Pick-Its. During Pick-Its, camper families are given activity options, and they can pick which activity is best fit for their family. Perhaps they choose to exercise their imagination through the creation of a family comedy skit, or they gather together to learn illusions, such as how to make a coin disappear, or the “magic” behind a card trick.

Each activity during Here We Go Online allows our campers to naturally learn new skills, activate those skills, and then showcase those skills in a group setting. Many of our families choose to showcase their newfound skills to other camper families during our Wild West Fest performances. Wild West Fest is an opportunity for camper families to share something special about themselves. Often times, families will choose to submit performance videos or participate in real-time, showcasing the skills they learned during one of their Pick-It activities.

Each session, we are committed to teaching our camper families critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity, and so much more!

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