Season of Giving Family Game Show Night

On Sunday, December 6, 2020, Roundup River Ranch campers participated in a very special Camper Reunion. The reunion featured game show themed interactive virtual activities that allowed campers to compete for points that were credited towards a donation of toys, games, and food provisions for others. Thanks to the support of our partners at Newman’s Own Foundation and Hasbro, Roundup River Ranch had a surplus of toys, games, and food that could not be used for camp programs, so Roundup River Ranch was able to contribute on behalf of campers to the Community Market. 

Camper Reunions help maintain the positive benefits achieved from Roundup River Ranch’s camp programs, and the opportunity to…embrace joy! Often Roundup River Ranch campers are on the receiving end of philanthropy, and we know that it is important for everyone to know they have gifts to share.

On Colorado Gives Day, event sponsor, Alpine Bank presented Roundup River Ranch and Eagle Valley Community Foundation each a check for $2,500. “Sponsoring an event involving a collaboration with two amazing local nonprofits and kids in the community giving back to others was an easy decision for Alpine Bank to make. Positive feedback and gratitude from the community that shopped on Tuesday at The Community Market was explosive and contagious combined with the excitement, pride, and happiness that the Roundup River Ranch campers felt giving back made this an event that Alpine Bank will support for many years to come,” said Betsy Wood, Director of Community Outreach, Alpine Bank

Roundup River Ranch was so pleased to include Eagle Valley Community Foundation as our partner in bringing this event to fruition.

“Thank you for a beautiful opportunity for The Community Market to benefit from Roundup River Ranch’s generosity, and the generosity of Alpine Bank. What a brilliant way to engage your campers in giving to others while having a blast! The virtual game show put Hollywood Squares to shame; incredibly creative and completely entertaining. I love seeing the campers ecstatic about winning a case of salsa, as if they just got the keys to a car from Oprah! Watching the tables of food and toys fill up as kids earned points to help others was the essence of what this holiday season needs. How lovely that your kids spread the love all over the community. The excitement and authentic energy shared buoyed everyone’s spirits,” said Susie Davis, Director of Community Impact, Eagle Valley Community Foundation.

THANK YOU, Alpine Bank, Eagle Valley Community Foundation, and The Community Market for your participation and support as we celebrate the giving spirit of our camper families.


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