Roundup River Ranch Online Camp Program Choose Your Adventure

Choose Your Adventure at Weekend Kids Camp!

Our Weekend Kids Camp theme for September was “Choose Your Adventure,” which gave campers the opportunity to pick how they wanted to spend their weekend at camp. Campers participated in art activities or discovery programs throughout the weekend, and were able to create an experience customized to their interests! Plus, it gave them an opportunity to bond with other kids who are on a similar life journey.

The virtual Discovery yurt included three activities: Craft Stick Construction, Fun with the Sun, and Weather – It’s All Around Us.

Craft Stick Construction challenged campers to build gravity defying structures with popsicle sticks and Elmer’s glue. Patience played a huge role in creating houses, rafts, bridges, and even the Eiffel Tower! It was amazing to see how the time in between letting popsicle sticks dry, provided an opening for campers to bond with one another about other hobbies and interests.

Next up was Fun with the Sun! Campers used pipe cleaners to create stick figures and added beads as ears, muscles, or kneecaps. Everyone cut out clothes from construction paper and taped them to their stick figures. Next, campers cut out different shapes, such as hearts, circles, and stars, and taped them to a dark piece of construction paper. They placed everything outside in a sunny spot and were told to let the sun’s UV rays change the colors. One camper exclaimed, “I can’t wait to see what they look like after lunch!”

Weather, It’s All Around Us allowed campers to use an array of supplies and follow multiple steps to create their own sun gauges. Almost all of our campers reiterated, “This is one of the most fun camp crafts!” Paper plates acted as their compasses, and a pencil taped to the middle held the carefully constructed arrows made of a plastic straw. Campers were full of concentration as they created their gauges – ensuring each piece was made just right. It was rewarding to watch campers help one another through the screen!

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