Meet Conner

Joy, Delivered is a free camp experience that supports and engages children in fun activities that inspire creativity, compassion, resilience, teamwork, and play. The magic and joy of camp is delivered with all the supplies, instructions, and activities necessary to experience the joy of camp independently or with family and friends.

Meet Conner, a 13-year-old Eagle County resident, who first heard about Roundup River Ranch through his physical therapist when he was younger. Living with spastic Cerebral Palsy, Conner understands that simple tasks may be more challenging for him than most other kids his age, but being able to experience camp makes all the difference. He says that the best part of camp is, “Meeting other campers that I have a lot in common with, and being able to experience fun activities together that we wouldn’t have experienced otherwise.”

When COVID-19 hit, and onsite Summer Camp was put on hold, Conner’s mom, Margaret, signed him up for the free Joy, Delivered program.

I learned that a little gift goes a long way. It made me feel that even though this year wasn’t the same because of COVID, that we were still able to connect to camp if we wanted to. That felt good,” shared Conner.

When Connor received his Joy, Delivered box, he was excited to connect with camp again in a new way, even if it was from his own home. “It made me feel like I was still part of my second family. My Home away from home – even though it wasn’t the same, it meant a lot to be thought of and remembered.”  Through Joy, Delivered, Conner was able to enjoy crafty projects by himself and together with his family. His favorite activity was making the light jar. “We put them in our garden and enjoyed them while sitting on the deck at night. But, if you asked my brother, he would tell you he enjoyed making the masks and the Hawaiian lays. He even tried to belly dance; it was so funny!”

“Exciting, adventurous, and fun, are three words that Conner uses to describe Roundup River Ranch. Being a part of camp and having the chance to experience the joys of connection is so important to him, whether online, offline, or in-person. It means the world to me and my family that this program is free. It gives us an opportunity to experience things we wouldn’t have. Camp allows us to meet others who are just like us and together we can do anything. At camp, we can be ourselves and have fun while in a safe environment. Without the donors, it wouldn’t be possible. Thank you so much!”

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