2021 Season Summary

This year you helped us deliver 52 programs that provided over 5,700 camper experiences – impacting more children with serious illnesses and their families than ever before. Going into 2021, we realized that the feeling, power, inspiration, even the giggles of camp transcend the physical place of camp. Camp is not an address. It’s something that lives deep in the hearts of our campers and their families and can be rekindled in all kinds of camp-tastic ways wherever campers may be or need us the most.

Our Camp Online programs varied in length from week-long Summer Camps, weekend Family Camps, Day Camps, and Camper Reunions. Additionally, our Joy, Delivered program was stronger than ever, and we delivered almost 3,000 experiences. Most recently this past fall, we were thrilled to begin offering in-person Camper Reunions again in the Denver area – impacting over 500 campers. In this summary, you will read the impact you made possible in a year that many of our families still felt isolated from the world. Thank you for supporting the expansion of programs during the COVID-19 pandemic, so together, we were able to provide more life-changing moments.

So, where did campers find Roundup River Ranch in 2021?

Delivered to their front porch.
In their community.
In a hospital room.
In their living room. 
Online slurping spaghetti together.
At an in-person Camper Reunion.
At the kitchen table with family games.
Under the stars in their backyard.
In a cabin online – next to a virtual campfire. 
Together, meeting others on a similar life journey.

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