Welcome Back to Family Camp Online!

Last year, Roundup River Ranch staff listened to feedback and ideas from families who participated in our Family Camp online program. What we heard helped us to revamp the Family Camp structure to provide better opportunities for connections – on and offline, more interactive activities, and we added more meaningful time they had together as a family.

During this session, we welcomed 18 families from Colorado, Texas, and Missouri for a weekend full of singing, dancing, activities, conversations, and of course – a lot of laughing! The weekend kicked off with a game of charades where families were divided into two teams. The families took turns acting out different words while their other team members tried to guess the word. Ballet dancing, skiing, fishing, and wrestling were just a few of the descriptions families acted out!  

The next day featured a lot of new camp activities. From making instruments to form a family band, creating a beehive, painting with tape, building houses for the Three Little Pigs, drawing self-family portraits, coloring a space family camp wheel, and building a foosball table – our new camp activities proved to be huge hits with camper families. Weather updates from all parts of Colorado and neighboring states took place throughout the day. Campers were encouraged to share new experiences in the Book of Firsts and celebrate themselves and each other using the Celebrate U Jar. Some of the celebration our families submitted include:

  • The best part of Family Camp was being able to see each other. I have a lot of really good memories!

  • Camp Online has been an awesome experience. It gave our family time to do crafts, spend time together and share ideas. This was so wonderful!

  • People were leaders, kind, funny, good dancers, so encouraging! What a big warm fuzzy!

  • This weekend made me remember the times we were at camp and able to see each other. Everything was really fun, especially the singing and dancing!

A new one-hour Teen Club session was included in the weekend to welcome teen campers for an hour of games and conversations, such as sharing their favorite meal of the day. Breakfast was unanimously our campers’ favorite!

The weekend came to a close with more dancing, singing, and new talents. Families showed off their miraculous talents that included singing, dancing, a stuffed animal parade, dog skating, and storytelling. Before saying goodbyes, we played the camp song, “Back to the Mountains,” as it’s always a camper favorite, bringing back many fond memories of camp.

At the end of the program, a camper parent shared, “It was fun to slow down and spend time together.” One camper said her favorite part of the weekend was getting to enjoy all the of activities with her grandmother. Family Camp ended with the song, “When Can I See You Again?” – reminding our families that even though we are all still connecting from home on our computers, we are all very much connected through our love of camp.

To learn more about our Summer Camp online programs, head to RoundupRiverRanch.org/schedule

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